At MTVIR, our facility is as unique as our practice – we are located within the Walnut Hill Medical Center in Dallas, a brand new hospital with top-line facilities and top-line technology. In terms of patient comfort, Walnut Hill Medical Center is a 100 bed acute care hospital with has 84 private patient suites, a 16-bed intensive care/critical care unit, and a 10-bed full-service emergency department. Our cardiology and imaging resources are state-of-the-art, comprising a cardiovascular operating room, 6 operating suites, 2 cardiac catheterization labs, 2 electrophysiology labs, and 1 interventional surgical suite suite.

But it’s really our vision and values that separates Walnut Hill from other hospitals in the area. We consider it our mission to provide leading-edge patient care, quality research, and comprehensive education. We seek to develop partnerships based on integrity and respect between patients, doctors, and the community. We also seek to provide innovation and excellence, but always guided by a focus on compassion and delivering personalized and humanized care.

Towards this end, Walnut Hill provides valet parking and concierge service and many of the “little things” that make your your stay more like a visit to a spa than a trip to the hospital. We strive to turn every interaction into an opportunity to make our patients the focus of health care. While many hospitals are struggling to catch up with today’s best practices in health care, our facility was designed around them.

Walnut Hill’s care is based on proven, evidence-based medicine, advanced technologies, the best methods for keeping patients safe, and an unwavering drive to continuously improve our quality and service. MTVIR feels privileged to have found such a home, one that fits so well with our own desire to provide the highest possible level of care to our patients.