MTV IR is a free-standing interventional radiology practice that focuses on the needs of the oncology patient. Interventional oncology encompasses the full breadth of interventional radiology, but focuses on highly advanced, minimally-invasive procedures that aid in tumor control and slowing or stopping progression of the disease, These procedures include: percutaneous ablation or embolization of tumors, portal vein embolization, and treatment of painful bone metastases. Pain management is a large part of cancer treatment, so we provide state-of-the art treatments to reduce pain and improve our patients’ quality of life. We also specialize in a number of women’s health issues, bringing the benefits of interventional radiology to the treatment of fibroids, pelvic congestion syndrome, and fertility issues.

Through our cumulative years of experience, we have established ourselves as the best interventional radiology doctors in Dallas. We have received excellent feedback and recommendations both from patients and from other doctors we have consulted with. Why MTVIR? Because we’re the best, and you deserve the best.

Meet Our Interventional Radiologists

“MTV IR” consist of Travis Van Meter, MD, an Interventional Radiologists. He is board-certified in both Diagnostic Radiology and Interventional Radiology, and is responsible for forming a practice that focuses on interventional oncology and minimally-invasive procedures. MTV IR specialists consult with patients and their primary doctors, perform the appropriate procedure and follow up with them just as any surgeon does, but not within the boundaries of a diagnostic radiology group. Instead, MTV IR is a free-standing IR practice, dedicated to patient-centric care and staying on top of and in front of the most exciting advances in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Travis Van Meter

Meet Dr. Travis Van Meter

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It takes a team to fight cancer. By necessity, oncology has become an interdisciplinary field, in which doctors from different specialties work together to help their patients get the best medical care possible. Interventional radiology plays an important part on this team, because it has revolutionized medicine, allowing us to perform minimally-invasive procedures with catheters and needles that previously would have only been possible with invasive surgery. Working out of the new, state-of-the-art Walnut Hill Medical Center, MTV IR specialists work hand in hand with many of the best oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgical oncologists, and pain management specialists in the world to find the best possible treatments for their patients.

Genuine Patient Care

The focus of all treatments at Walnut Hill Medical Center is “patient centric,” from providing valet parking to making positive interaction with patients the focus of our practice. Our MTV IR patients may be referred to us from many other talented doctors, but when we meet them they become OUR patients, and we work with them closely not just during the workups to any procedure we may perform but afterwards, as the patients continue their treatment. We consider ourselves fortunate to work within a small, dedicated oncology team that provides 100% patient care – whatever you as a patient need, we try to provide.

The Latest Advancements in Interventional Radiology

MTV IR’s success is based on a commitment to providing the highest possible level of education, certifications, and patient care. Not only are we certified by the American Board of Radiology, we meet all of that board’s yearly requirements for continuing education, practice improvement, and quality improvement. We already provide some of the most cutting-edge, high-end procedures available in oncology treatment, but our own commitment to “life-long learning” is because we want to make sure we stay at the leading edge of our field, so we can learn and master any new developments in interventional radiology as soon as they appear, so we can make them available to our patients.