Find the Best Spine Treatment Options in Dallas at MTV IR

Find the Best Spine Treatment Options in Dallas at MTV IR

The three physicians who founded MTV IR – Aneesa Majid, MD, William Thompson, MD, and Travis Van Meter, MD – are all specialists in interventional radiology (IR) and have chosen to focus a large part of their practice on interventional oncology. As a result, MTV IR has become known for providing the best liver cancer treatment in Dallas. But the minimally-invasive IR procedures used by these specialists to treat cancer have other applications, one of which is the treatment of spinal injuries and disorders.

Millions of people suffer from spinal pain,; which was cited in the 2010 Global Burden of Disease report as the single leading cause of disability worldwide. Whether it is caused by accident, injury, or diseases that erode bone tissue and cause the compression of spinal discs, back pain is so widespread that it costs Americans over 50 million dollars per year to treat it.

Spinal disorders have many causes, but they all result in pain

Accidents cause tens of thousands of spinal fractures every year. Osteoporosis can cause bones to lose density, which can then cause spinal discs to become compressed or to rub against each other, producing intense nerve pain. Other diseases, such as cancer, can cause erosion of bone tissue leaving it brittle and prone to injury. The pain caused by these injuries and conditions can be excruciating and disabling, so many people have come to rely on opiates and other strong drugs to dull the pain. While these drugs may help, they also come with risks – negative side effects and the very real danger of addiction.

This is where the minimally-invasive procedures of interventional radiology can be of use. IR treatments eliminate the need for deep incisions and general anesthesia. Instead, interventional radiologists are able to insert tiny needles or catheters into veins and arteries and then guide them precisely into place using visualization tools such as ultrasound, MRI, and X-ray fluoroscopy. These tiny catheters can then be used to inject medications or to repair bone loss or damage and thus relieve pain without the need for traditional surgery.

MTV IR specializes in a number of minimally-invasive spinal treatments

To help manage chronic or acute back pain, epidural steroid injections can help by injecting an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory agent into the epidural space surrounding the spine. These treatments are often so effective at blocking pain that they are used in conjunction with more long-term treatment of the causes of the pain. They are often also used in conjunction with facet injections to help manage pain in the shoulders, knees, or other joints.

MTV IR also provides more permanent back fracture treatment in Fort Worth and Dallas, using kyphoplasty to restore the height of compressed vertebra and rhizotomy or selective nerve root blocks (SNRBs) to eliminate nerve pain.

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