Best liver cancer doctors in Dallas

At MTV IR, we owe our status as one of the best Interventional oncology specialists in Dallas at least in part to Dr. Charles Dotter, who effectively founded the practice of interventional radiology in the 1960s.

As you may know, the best liver cancer doctors in Dallas at MTV IR routinely use catheters to treat cancer and other conditions in a minimally invasive manner. The use of catheters to treat medical problems represented a revolution in healthcare, because prior to the availability of this technique, open surgery was the only option, and open surgery carries far more risks and postoperative pain than the use of a tiny catheter. Dr. Charles Dotter was the first physician to successfully use catheterization for treatment instead of open surgery, thus leading to millions of lives and limbs being saved.

Who was Dr. Dotter?

Dr. Dotter received his medical degree from Duke University in 1941. At only 30 years old, Dr. Dotter was offered a full-time faculty position at Cornell University in New York, and just 2 years later, he was named Chairman of Radiology at Cornell. It was during this time that he developed the specialty of interventional radiology, which is now exploding around the United States as a highly effective, targeted set of practices aimed at treating patients without the need for a scalpel or and with significantly reduced pain and risk. As you can imagine, these practices are part of why MTV IR is known today as one of the top pain management centers in Fort Worth.

How to find out more

If your oncologists recommended interventional radiology to treat your condition, please contact the specialists at MTV IR. You can also read the informative articles we have placed on our website at or give us a call directly at 469-447-4008. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.